DEIMOS Engenharia

DEIMOS Engenharia is a private Portuguese Aerospace Engineering company, part of the Elecnor DEIMOS group, whose business is focused on space systems design and operational software systems development and validation, in the areas of Satellite Data Processing and Ground Segment Systems, Global Navigation Satellite Systems Technologies, Mission Analysis, Guidance, Navigation and Control.


DEIMOS will coordinate the SIMOcean project, and will lead the work packages dedicated to the  Catalogue and Data Integration, Processing Integration and Tools, Web Portal Visualisation and the Communication and External Interfaces.


Instituto Hidrográfico

Established in 1960 as a Portuguese Navy unit, Instituto Hidrográfico is presently a state laboratory, employing 360 permanent staff and 16 contracted elements, with scientific competences in the areas of hydrographic surveying, safety of navigation, oceanography, marine geology and chemistry. Hidrográfico is the Portuguese National Authority for Hydrographic Cartography. 

The main research areas in the last few years covered the dynamics of continental shelf and slope waters and interaction with the deep ­sea circulation, physical and sedimentary impacts of river inputs to the shelf, geological characterization of continental shelf and slope, submarine canyon dynamics, operational oceanography, including the use of data assimilation models in Oceanography. 


Hidrográfico will lead WP3 (Data Selection and Preparation), and WP7 (Testing and Validation), and will also contribute significantly to WP2 (Use Cases Definition) and to WP8 (Communication and External Interfaces). 



The Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute, I. P. (IPMA), is a public institution, part of the indirect administration of the State, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy and its own property. 

The IPMA I. P., continuing responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine, under supervision and guardianship of the respective minister. 

The strategic guidelines and setting goals for IPMA, I. P., as well as the monitoring of their implementation, are articulated between members of the Government responsible for the sea and science. 

IPMA has responsibilities at the national territory level in the areas of the sea and atmosphere, focusing its research efforts on projects that accrue to direct applications to use in operational activities striving for improving and making available the best information to the commercial and public sectors, in particular where it concerns directly the safeguarding of people and property.


In this scope, IPMA generates meteorological information, namely within the scope of nowcasting activities. This activities are performed within the framework of the IPMA and shall involve the development and parameterization of products that are especially relevant to ocean monitoring. This activities are performed in IPMA operational sector, supported in numerical forecasting modelling.

IPMA will contribute to the establishing of the protocols of data communication, the choice of processing algorithms and the determination of how data is going to presented to the end­user.

IPMA will interface with its key third­ party data providers to enable the use of these data in the scope of the project.